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a Date with Myself!

Devoured a plate of my favorite Coco’s bow tie pasta!

That’s how I ended a nerve-wracking and emotionally-stirring October at work.

Since I was introduced to this flavorful pasta dish of “Gulf prawns tossed with mushrooms in creamy sun-dried tomatoes, basil, peri-peri sauce and topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese”, this has become one of my favorite comfort foods.20141030_212159

I was initially looking forward to that yummy blueberry yogurt smoothie and chocolate cake at Dome for a BURPfect date with myself, but as there isn’t a branch at Deira City Centre, Coco’s was the place to be.


Level 2, Deira City Centre (near the Cinema)

Dining alone is never an issue with me (or is it something I have gotten used to…wink!)…but probably not for the wait staff as he handed me 2 menus. Hihihi! He took it back with a smile when I told him it’s just me dining.

The dish comes with freshly baked mini buns and a choice of either soup (mushroom/broccoli) or salad. These are tasty and could already be filling. So if you are not really a big eater, go slow with the starters as you will not be able to finish your whole serving of bow tie pasta. If you are eating with someone, a serving can be good for two. You may request the staff to split it before serving. As this is the first time I’ve had this dish alone, I brought home the other half for my ninang.


It feels nice to sometimes be alone with yourself. I haven’t done this for a while. I’m glad I did! #HAPPYCHILD #BLESSED

Now that I’ve satiated my craving, I should get back to work…and I mean, my next Wal-lang in Turkey blog entry.

Remember, no matter what gets on the way, always keep the Faith, follow your Heart, stay Safe and travel Light! (“,)


White as SNOW!


…that even in the dark, from a distance, I’d exclaimed, “There! Finally, I saw it! Oh my God!”

Pamukkale blew me away the first time I saw pictures of it. My good friend Grace Rempillo shared this email containing pictures of a beautiful landscape of terrace pools in shades of white, blue, green and yellow-orange. Seven years later, despite the apparent changes, Pamukkale never failed to mesmerize me.

We walked up the travertines on barefoot, splashed up with thermal water that stream down the white rocks, soaked up in its shallow pools and watched the sun set on the horizon. A huge crowd visits the place hence it’s always best to start as soon as the gates are open at 8:30. We did this on our second day so we were able to spend more time lounging in one of the thermal pools with only the three of us.

These travertine terraces are formed by mineral deposits carried by water from the hot springs. The mineral deposits are believed to have a therapeutic effect. I couldn’t agree more as soaking up in the thermal water for 2 days, it’s like we just had a foot spa! Even much better than the one you have at modern day spas.

Head to the top of the travertines for a better view.  Here you could witness how the pools transform from white to green then blue to yellow-orange. It is heart-breaking though to see that more than half of the white mountain has dried up. But, if the present state of this UNESCO world heritage site is already captivating, how much more ages ago?

Watching the sun go down atop the travertines is one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.  It’s more delightful to watch a number of couples and their photographers rushing to take their pre/post-nuptial photos, to the amusement of many people from across the globe huddled together to watch the sunset.

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