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Back in Phuket, Thailand


Devouring a bowl of delicious Hokkien noodles was a good way to gain a bit of composure after the unfortunate incident of losing my money.

With barely a day to  go, I had to make it worthwhile. I already lost so much to allow losing even more.

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With budget even tighter (thanks to my friend who loaned me a few hundred Thai bucks), going to the nearest beach and Promthiep Cape were in the itinerary.

On board a public bus along with a Chilean and American travelers we met the night before at Phuket Backpacker Hostel, we headed to Rawai Beach.

Unlike the beaches of Nai Harn, Kata, Karon, Patong and Kata Noi, this beach does not offer a perfect swimming experience. It’s clear waters, however, is perfect for fishing. Such an interesting way to enjoy the waters of the Andaman Sea.


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After lunch at a seaside restaurant, we headed for Promthiep Cape, where many claim as a perfect place to watch the sun go down.

The cape is about 2 kilometers as per the mobile GPS. Thinking it’s not that far, we walked our way up, passing through the shoreline, meandering through the rocks, climbing up a concrete path then to the main road.

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Patricia from Chile and Fernando from the US…my heartfelt thanks for walking the mile with me! It was and will always be a worthwhile experience to have shared it with the both of you!

DSC_1348 DSC_1349 DSC_1352

Two kilometers on a hot day was not, after all, near! I know they must have dreaded the decision of not taking a tuktuk, but were polite knowing what I went through.

After an hour hike, lo and behold, the popular Promthiep Cape.


A young Thai couple were busy doing a photo shoot by the path to the tip of the cape. They say couples about to tie the knot, love to have their pre-nuptial photos here at dusk. I wished I had  more time to see the sun set.

DSC_1375 DSC_1379 DSC_1382 DSC_1383

DSC_1399DSC_1385DSC_1363 DSC_1364We took a tuktuk back to Rawai to catch the bus back to town. The trip which lasted about 10 minutes cost us 200 baht! It was a quarter to 05:00 and we were told by a group of locals operating motorbikes and cars for hire that there are no more buses going back to town.

Earlier we were told that the last trip to town is at 06:00. I even asked other locals and they confirmed the 06:00 time. But it was 06:00 and the bus never arrived.

I was in panic as I needed to be back at the hostel to catch the public bus to the airport which departs at 07:00. We had no choice but to hire a public bus (it’s actually a pick-up) that called off for the day, to take us to town at 250 baht. We should have just hired the tuktuk service we had earlier until town had we known this was going to happen. I was just thankful the two travelers were very understanding. With the language barrier and lack of proper public transport system here, availing of arranged tours is the way to go. At least you know how much you are spending, you know how much to budget. Also try to stay at hotels near the places of interests you want to visit. Probably staying a night in Phuket Town to explore the old town and transfer to say Patong beach for the beach experience.

The public bus to the airport left at 06:30. We ended up taking a private car which we managed to get at 500 baht.

With only 20 baht paper bill and a few coins left in my purse, I had a piece of dunkin donut and water for dinner at the Phuket International Airport. It was more than enough to end the last of my 15-day Indo-China backpacking experience. I just wanted to fly back home.

Was it all worth the experience? I say, YES!

Every single detail make up a memorable journey. And each journey will always have that something that sets it apart from the rest.

Remember, no matter what gets on the way, always keep the Faith, follow your Heart, stay Safe and travel Light. (“,)