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Hungduan: Off the Usual

(This was posted on my Facebook Notes. I’ve posted this while I was on a year-long respite back home. The heat at the moment in my host country is too much and it makes me miss home all the more. I wanna share this on my blog for this is one of the reasons why I miss home.)

I always believe that there is more to what we are presented with, but we have to walk the extra mile to discover them.  So now that I am home for a longer period, I thought this would be a perfect time to shelve my heels in place of my boots and uncover the MAGNIFICENCE of Home, off the usual.  Off the usual and I mean the side of Hungduan that is truly awe-inspiring yet often missed, with hopes that these natural and man-made wonders will be appreciated, respected and preserved.

Balentimol Falls Portrait 1a

Balentimol River PortraitIfugao House PortraitKinga Village PortraitDSC_0405DSC_0411