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Matterhorn in my Mind



I fell in love with you just at first sight! Amazing how one could be so enthralled with your grandeur to muster courage and get closer to you. It was getting late yet Jaq, Imee and I were unmoved…we kept moving up, past meadows with bits of unmelted snow from the snowfall the day before, herd of sheep, more meadows and empty old wooden cabins up in the mountains.

We made it here– serene, the air cool and fresh and the VIEW, ahh, how awesome is that! The setting sun behind us casts that golden yellow color on to Matterhorn!

We made our descent back to Casa Vanessa, hesitantly though, before the sun fully set. Was it worth the climb? Definitely!

(post-processing assistance, credit to my husband Frayne Buhong)





Walking the Edelweiss Trail

It was our third day in the serene town of Zermatt. We’ve experienced gloomy skies, snowfall (yey, finally!) and of course a bright and sunny day!  We’ve been to the world’s highest glacier palace the day before so this time, it was time to explore more of the place on foot.

We set out of our cozy place in Casa Vanessa to wherever our feet would take us, taking pictures of everything almost every second.  We were awed at every turn…the meadows, the small wooden houses, the sheeps and the cows, the mountain tops dusted with snow with Matterhorn’s almost perfect pyramidal peak creating a picture-perfect scene like those from picture books I saw when I was a kid.

Our unplanned walking spree led us to the Edelweiss Trail. We didn’t reach the end of the trail though but we’re just too glad to have trotted along this trail as besides the awe-inspiring landscape, we saw chamois (similar to goats) and marmots (large squirrels) out at play. Perhaps next time, God-willing, we will make it to the end.