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Tug at My Heartstring


When the energy of the day finally dies down and silence takes on the center stage, I look back on the day that was and I think of home. In this fast paced world that I am currently living in, life is slipping too fast that I couldn’t even grasp perfectly one thing, another pops in. The clock seems to be ticking faster than it should and before I know it, I’ve got to change my calendar. And I think of home.


Experiencing the Milky Way Back Home


One evening whilst home getting ready for the Big Day, my fiancé (now my hubby) insisted we go out and take photos of the milky way. It was cold, nearly midnight and almost everybody went to bed. Insistent as always because it’s photography, I agreed.  So outside my parents house by the road side we each positioned our cameras. It was pitch-dark and indeed the Milky Way was magnificent.  About 5 cars passed us by (including a police patrol) and whoever were onboard might be scratching their heads when they saw us. What should have been an agreed  few minutes outside ended up almost an hour. How could we not, err, I not, I mean, stay long when after my first shot I couldn’t get enough of it. It was favorable to him. Teehee! #HappytobeHome #HappyChild #theSweetLife 

Hungduan: Off the Usual

(This was posted on my Facebook Notes. I’ve posted this while I was on a year-long respite back home. The heat at the moment in my host country is too much and it makes me miss home all the more. I wanna share this on my blog for this is one of the reasons why I miss home.)

I always believe that there is more to what we are presented with, but we have to walk the extra mile to discover them.  So now that I am home for a longer period, I thought this would be a perfect time to shelve my heels in place of my boots and uncover the MAGNIFICENCE of Home, off the usual.  Off the usual and I mean the side of Hungduan that is truly awe-inspiring yet often missed, with hopes that these natural and man-made wonders will be appreciated, respected and preserved.

Balentimol Falls Portrait 1a

Balentimol River PortraitIfugao House PortraitKinga Village PortraitDSC_0405DSC_0411



Early Morning Beauty!

I woke up to one February morning with a nagging feeling to pick up my Niko and head out for an early walk. A stirring feeling, not even the chilly temperature, could hamper me from jumping off bed.

A muffled yellow-orange hue painted the horizon with scattered gray clouds hanging by greeted me as I stepped out of the house.  The place was nice and quiet, except for the sound of chirping birds, crowing roosters, a barking dog, flowing water on the side of the house and a passing public bus.

Few meters walk from my parents house is this awe-inspiring scenery.  I remember getting down here before when I was a kid to watch my parents help during harvest time while nibbling on young rice grains, locally called (k)utim or (k)ut-timan.  Even I was surprised why I have not visited this place for ages.

Just when I thought I was early to catch the sunrise, the dew-wet mud dike showed dog’s footprints! Oh well, it was nice to have shared the beauty before me…and I would like to share it with you too!


PAYO. The pride of the Ifugao forebears, carved from the slopes of the mountains 2,000 years ago using rough tools, for food. Photo taken from Ba-ag, Tam-an, Banaue, Ifugao.