God really has His amazing way of turning your dreams into reality, your life into that very something you’ve always wished for or even better. And often, He does it in a manner that makes you realize how each and every single event in your life leads to another.

Three weeks ago, while enjoying the serenity of the Alps, it brought back memories of those days having to clean a stranger’s house, tutoring, selling phone cards, the moment I lost my job after only 7 months into employment, those months of trying to figure out how to pay my rent, my bills, how to get to work for salary comes in only after 3 months. Thank God for friends and relatives for I at least didn’t worry about what to eat during those difficult months. I thought of last year’s ordeal of looking for a job, frustratingly sucking up every flicker of hope I had, money’s running low and so was my visa. And then that month-long stay in Buraimi, Oman where you are only confined to your “hotel” room and its premises, the grocery and once in a while trip to the market.  Thank God for fellow Filipinos who became instant friends– we did household chores together, we go to the market together, we shared data to connect with our loved ones and the world…checking our mails once in a while hoping for an answer to our countless job applications, — they made each of my 30-day stay a learning experience.

Nine days ago, I completed my 1st year in this company that God blessed me with, a week after my one month stint in Oman. Some say I am lucky, maybe, but I more look at all these as a blessing, a BIG one. I don’t say it doesn’t get tiring at times, it sure does, but you know what, nothing is as tiring when you know how it feels to have nothing, when you’ve gone through difficult times, you learn to appreciate every tiny bit of your blessings.

From the wadi of Buraimi, to the majestic landscape of Cappadocia, the warmth of Pamukkale’s hotspring water flowing through the white travertines, the interesting walks with my fiancé on the streets of Istanbul, the warmth and comfort of HOME, the heart-warming and mesmerizing visit to the Vatican, the enticing sweetness of Chianti’s wine, the short yet lovely gondola ride in picturesque Venice and the picture-perfect Swiss landscape you experience on foot, on a cable car or on a train.

Behind all these travels is a supportive family, fiancé and friends, an interesting job and company and an AWESOME GOD!

I say God is good all the time and He does amazing things that make me speechless and feel like I am undeserving of His graces but grateful and joyful nevertheless.

I definitely am one happy, WAL-LANG child! Grateful, I am!

May your lives be blessed abundantly too and your hearts be filled with joy! Remember, no matter what gets on the way, Follow your Heart, Keep the Faith and Travel Light!


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