Wallang, I AM!

A lady moved in last night to share the partitioned room my cousin and I are staying in. Asking why she didn’t move earlier over the weekend, she muttered that her friend with whom she shared a bed space accommodation had so much stuff to pack that she can’t just leave her on her own.

I smiled, with the picture of me in her friend’s situation flashing in my head. Yup! I’ve been there several times over in my almost 6 years of being an Overseas Filipino Worker and back when I was working in Manila.

But having no permanent place is not new to me. When I was a kid, I used to transfer from one room to the other. Every time an older sibling graduates from high school and moves to the city for college, I claim the vacated room my turf. Good thing my two younger brothers were not as interested as I was. Mind you, I would also pack all my clothes and camp at the balcony at the back of the house. I never dared sleeping over though.  It must have been nice sleeping with the sound of the waterfalls on the background. Bad insects, they always send me packing. My last shift to a new room was when I moved back home after college and worked in the provincial government.  Thank God, even after I moved to the capital city and then abroad, the room is still my space.

What has this to do with traveling?

While I know how physically, mentally and financially draining shifting could be, I would rather go through all that for the sake of a goodnight sleep! Same as traveling, whether it’s a climb to the top of the world or just a walk in the park, we do that for a refreshing sense of accomplishment, it makes us feel good about ourselves. Sans to say, traveling could also be physically, mentally and financially exhausting.

I am a fan of unplanned trips even when my wallet is empty and my phone’s battery is drained. Those moments where you just put on your shoes, go wherever your feet will take you and experience a diverse world from the people you meet, explore wonders in the tiny corners that are often missed even by the light of day, and at the end of your spontaneous journey is a wonderful feeling of fulfillment…and a worried family and/or friends awaiting to give you that litany of sermon they oh so longed to tell you as they await your return…but patient anyway to hear your story.

When I heard my mom say that my feet came out first when she gave birth to me, I told her, “Mama, now I know why I’ve got happy feet. My feet were already eager to set foot on the earth even before I was born. I really am born to be a wallang eh?”

Being a wallang usually has a negative connotation. When they say you are, it’s like you are someone who doesn’t have a direction in life. But I believe otherwise. I do believe that every person born into this exciting world has a purpose and hence has a direction, just that he/she has not yet figured out which one to take. I think we all are or could be wallang at some points in our lives. It is only a matter of time and how we manage whichever path we choose that sets us apart from each other.  Not because we think we already found our path doesn’t guarantee a road free of crossroads, u-turns and re-routes. Human that we all are, we’re prone to making mistakes, we take on wrong decisions, but are always capable of making things right. Thank God for creating us that way!

I named my travel blog WALLANGA to proclaim that I AM indeed one. I may not travel the whole world, but I definitely experience a whole new world every time I do. And each time, I want to re-launch WALLANG as a meaningful word…A TRAVELERAN ADVENTURER… and would love to share my stories with you…in articles, in photographs or in videos.

Be safe everyone!




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    1. thanks jay! agbasa kan tu manin ah wen…=)

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